Radical Organizing for the 21st Century

By Yavor Tarinski

flat,800x800,070,f.u2Revolution is not ‘showing’ life to people, but making them live. A revolutionary organization must always remember that its objective is not getting its adherents to listen to convincing talks by expert leaders, but getting them to speak for themselves, in order to achieve, or at least strive toward, an equal degree of participation.

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The Commons as paradigm beyond state and markets

commons 1

By Yavor Tarinski

People called commons those parts of the environment for which customary law exacted specific forms of community respect.  People called commons that part of the environment which lay beyond their own thresholds and outside of their own possessions, to which, however, they had recognized claims of usage, not to produce commodities but to provide for the subsistence of their households. 

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Direct Democracy: Beyond Hierarchy

By Yavor Tarinski

Opposing oppression and exploitation without proposing alternative political system leaves the ruling system intact. The system acts, the opposition reacts. Those who struggle against evils of a political system but do not offer an alternative to that system are politically impotent.

Aki Orr[1]

school-of-athensWe live in dynamic times where a global crisis is slowly penetrating every sphere of our lives. In response to the contemporary state of uncertainty people are rising all across the globe demanding change. There are different proposals as to what direction our society should take.

In between all the alternatives being put on the table there is one word that can be heard almost everywhere – “democracy”. Some are calling it real democracy, others horizontal, direct or participatory democracy. Here I will present a proposal of direct democracy as a project beyond hierarchy, representation and exploitation. Continue reading “Direct Democracy: Beyond Hierarchy”

Beyond the “Growth” doctrine

By Yavor Tarinski

Society has been locked into thought dominated by progressivist growth economics; the tyranny of these has made imaginative thinking outside the box impossible. […] But our ever increasing consumption is not sustainable; sooner or later we will have to give it up.

Serge Latouche[1]

967230_675570709126214_219603435_o “Economic Growth” is an often-repeated mantra in our times. A majority of contemporary political and economic elites, right wingers as well as many leftists[2] still adhere to the growth doctrine neglecting its many disadvantages. Continue reading “Beyond the “Growth” doctrine”

Towards Autonomy: The Social Experiment in Rojava

By Yavor Tarinski and Michalis Koulouthros 

The autonomous region of Rojava, as it exists today, is one of few bright spots – albeit a very bright one – to emerge from the tragedy of the Syrian revolution.

David Graeber[1] 

rojavaIn the last decades the Kurdish struggle for freedom was not only a firm voice of resistance against the dominant social and political order, but also managed to formulate and initiate practical steps towards the realization of a liberated society. After many years of oppression, the Kurdish forces began to regroup, forming armed units of self-defense. During the period in which the leftist Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) was quickly turning into a regional political power, a new antagonistic example appeared in the midst of the Kurdish liberation movement, based on the values of democratic confederalism and autonomy. Continue reading “Towards Autonomy: The Social Experiment in Rojava”

Reclaiming the urban space

By Yavor Tarinski

Change life! Change Society! These ideas lose completely their meaning without producing an appropriate space.

Henri Lefebvre[1]

map-17The importance of the city nowadays is increasing since, for first time in history, the bigger part of the human population lives in urban spaces and the city’s economic role is at its peak. As Antonio Negri suggests: “the city is itself a source of production: the organized, inhabited, and traversed territory has become a productive element just as worked land once was.  Increasingly, the inhabitant of a metropolis is the true center of the world…”[2]. That’s why it has been referred to over and over again in debates over political, economic, social and other strategies for the future. Continue reading “Reclaiming the urban space”

För en Radikal Organisering på 2000-talet

flat,800x800,070,f.u2av Yavor Tarinski

Idag bevittnar vi en allt djupare kris angående vänsterns representation, som inte bara påverkar de politiska partierna men också de traditionella organisationerna på vänsterkanten. De moderna radikala organisationerna som eftersträvar frigörelse och social omställning borde därför ta till nya tankesätt och praktiker som är mer lämpliga till den nuvarande verkligheten. Continue reading “För en Radikal Organisering på 2000-talet”

Direkt Demokrati – självförvaltning bortom hierarkin

school-of-athensav Yavor Tarinski

Vi lever i en dynamisk tid där en global kris sakta med säkert penetrerar varje sfär av våra liv. Som svar till det nutida tillståndet av osäkerhet så reser sig folk världen över och kräver förändring. Det finns olika förslag till vart vårt samhälle ska ta vägen. Emellan alla de alternativ som läggs fram på bordet så finns det ett ord som kan höras nästan överallt – ”demokrati”. Vissa kallar det äkta demokrati, andra kallas den horisontell, direkt eller participiell demkokrati och så vidare. Här presenterat förslaget om direktdemokrati som ett projekt som går bortom hierarki, representation och exploatering. Continue reading “Direkt Demokrati – självförvaltning bortom hierarkin”

Радикалното организиране в 21. век

flat,800x800,070,f.u2Автор: Явор Тарински

Революцията не е „показване” на хората как да живеят, а да бъдат накарани да живеят. Революционната организация трябва винаги да помни, че нейната цел не е да кара своите съмишленици да слушат убедителни речи на експертни лидери, а да ги поощрява сами да говорят за себе си, за да постигнат, или поне да се стремят към, равно ниво на участие.
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Towards Autonomy

tacoverTowards Autonomy: Participatory politics of the 21st century

By Yavor Tarinski

Pages: 124

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Collectanea of articles, examining the modern efforts at establishing autonomy in different spheres of human life: the resources we share, the cities we live in, the products we produce, the decisions we take etc. Continue reading “Towards Autonomy”