Weitere Unterstützung für internationale Efrîn

defendafrin1Mit Beginn des Angriffskrieges der türkischen Streitkräfte gegen den nordsyrischen Kanton Efrîn starteten international bekannte Persönlichkeiten wie Noam Chomsky, David Graeber, David Harvey und viele weitere Intellektuelle eine Unterschriftenkampagne, in der sie von den USA, Russland und Iran fordern, Maßnahmen gegen den Angriff der Türkei auf die Souveränität von Syrien zu ergreifen. Continue reading “Weitere Unterstützung für internationale Efrîn”


Self-Limitation and Democracy

By Yavor Tarinski

9687368356_6c01d3ea58_b-750x375[F]or the impulse of mere appetite is slavery, while obedience to a self-prescribed law is liberty.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau[1]

The philosopher Cornelius Castoriadis has often been credited with saying that “democracy is the regime of self-limitation.” [2] But since for him the only true democratic form is direct democracy, this claim might seem a bit odd. Direct democracy has come to be conceived by many, including several critics, as a regime that disconnects society from laws and regulations, resulting in its depolitization and degradation. This concept has understandably raised concerns about what would be the outcomes of the more excessive actions of the masses. Continue reading “Self-Limitation and Democracy”