Video from the book launch of “Enlightenment and Ecology”

Video from the book launch of “Enlightenment and Ecology: The Legacy of Murray Bookchin in the 21st Century”, edited by Yavor Tarinski.

Speakers: Janet Biehl (Burlington), Eve Olney (Cork), Jason Toney (Montreal), Alexandros Schismenos (Ioannina), Petar Piperkov (Sofia), Theo Rouhette (Madrid), Nikos Vrantsis (Thessaloniki)

Chair: Yavor Tarinski, editor of the book (Athens)

About the book:

Throughout his life, prophetic American philosopher Murray Bookchin created social ecology as a comprehensive social program for the challenges of our present era. Through tireless teaching, speaking, organizing, and writing, Bookchin presented a humanist vision of ecology based on community, direct democracy, and the better promises of the Enlightenment, showing how we could transform our society into one that is free and egalitarian.

Enlightenment and Ecology is an international collection of commemorative essays by scholars and activists who have each incorporated the ideas of social ecology into their own work. This book also examines how the Kurdish freedom movement is using Bookchin’s utopian ideas. In a time of urgent need for radical change, these essays provide both precious historical lessons and a transformative road map.

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