Session of the Peace in Kurdistan Ecology Network with Yavor Tarinski & Felix Padel

Two members of Peace in Kurdistan Ecology Network, Felix Padel and Yavor Tarinski, made short presentations, followed by a group discussion. The meeting was chaired by Stephen Hunt and Connor Hayes, both members of the PIK Ecology Steering group. The topics addressed were highly related to Social Ecology and grassroots democratic organizing.

Felix Padel will speak on “Social Ecology, Industrialization and Militarization in India”. This talk will highlight a number of people’s movements in India against forced industrialization, and the connections between mining and arms manufacture/militarization. Felix Padel is an anthropologist who has written several books and taken part in several key movements in solidarity with Adivasi / tribal people in India, where he has taught at a number of academic institutions.

Yavor Tarinski will speak on his personal experience of attempts at democratic organizing along Social Ecologist lines, in the Balkans. Yavor is an activist and independent researcher. He has participated in various social movements around the Balkans. Currently a member of the Transnational Institute of Social Ecology, editor at the Greek libertarian platform Aftoleksi, bibliographer at Agora International. He is the author of over five books on direct democracy and social ecology, the most recent of which is “Concepts for a Democratic and Ecological Society” (from Zer0 books), that will hit bookstores worldwide this May.

Peace in Kurdistan –

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