Anomie and Direct Democracy

By Yavor Tarinski


All political institutions are manifestations and materializations of power; they petrify

and decay as soon as the living power of the people ceases to uphold them.

Hannah Arendt[1]

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Environmental Crisis and the perspective of Social Ecology

Zarina Glaveva interviews author and activist Yavor Tarinski for the Bulgarian student radio ”Reakcia”.

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Dimensions of Radical Political Emancipation

By Yavor Tarinski

“Toppling the Vendome column”, Wood engraving, 1872

If we begin with the state, we end with the state.  Let us begin instead with

the popular reunions[…], the various associations and committees[…].

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The Case against Police Brutality: Towards Radical Social Transformation

By Yavor Tarinski


[T]he biggest enemy of society’s security is the state and the private organization’s belonging to it.

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Nation-State, Nationalism and the Need for Roots

By Yavor Tarinski

André_Devambez - La Barricade ou l'Attente 1911
André_Devambez – La Barricade ou l’Attente 1911

The State is a cold concern which cannot inspire love, but itself kills, suppresses everything that might be loved; so one is forced to love it, because there is nothing else. That is the moral torment to which all of us today are exposed.

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