The Future is a “Pluriverse”- An Interview with David Bollier on the Potential of the Commons

commons-wordle2-768x511Interview by Antonis Brumas and Yavor Tarinski

Some believe that the commons are incompatible with commodity markets. Others claim that markets and commons may form mutually beneficial relations with each other. What are your own views on this issue? Continue reading “The Future is a “Pluriverse”- An Interview with David Bollier on the Potential of the Commons”


What’s next for the social movements in Greece

Interview with Yavor and Danea, made by AK Malaboca

anarhisti-okupaciya-syrizaWhat are your main concerns with the new Greek government as members of a collective rooted in anarchist and antifascist struggles?

Danea: For me, the first problem with SYRIZA, is their collaboration with ANEL, a right-wing party, to take power. This is not the first time in modern Greek history, our parents and grandparents have seen that, but from a left-radical perspective, this should be very alarming. But practical, there was no other party for SYRIZA to cooperate with on economic issues and this is what they were voted for. The only other leftist party in parliament is KKE – the communist party – supporting Stalin…for god sake, they really support Stalin. Continue reading “What’s next for the social movements in Greece”