The Federalist Principle in Castoriadis’ Project of Direct Democracy

By Yavor Tarinski

A much more humane society is possible and desirable.

~Cornelius Castoriadis[1]

The philosopher Cornelius Castoriadis insisted that what he envisioned as project of autonomy- the project of a society in which all citizens have an equal, effectively actual possibility of participating in the institution of society – is far from a utopian vision. On the contrary, he was convinced that it is possible and its realization depends only upon the lucid activity of individuals and peoples, upon their understanding, their will, their imagination.[2]

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Federalism in the Political Project of Castoriadis (Lecture by Yavor Tartinski)

The following lecture was delivered by Yavor Tarinski within the framework of the International Conference: “Cornelius Castoriadis: 1922-2022. One hundred years since the birth of the philosopher of autonomy”, that took place in March 11-13, 2022, at Department of Political Sciences, AUTh, Thessaloniki.