The elites can’t stop climate change, but democratic cities can

By Yavor Tarinski

We should not kid ourselves: the climate catastrophe is an epic war of the rich on the poor; corporate criminality on a global scale.

~Dimitrios Roussopoulos[1]

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Οι διώξεις του αναρχικού Μπορισλάφ Μένκοφ από την «εξουσία του λαού»

του Yavor Tarinski

Σαν σήμερα, στις 2 Νοέμβρη 1953, ένας από τους πιο ενεργούς Βούλγαρους αναρχικούς του 20ού αιώνα, ο Μπορισλάφ Γκεοργκίεφ Μένκοφ, βγαίνει ζωντανός από το στρατόπεδο συγκέντρωσης «Μπέλενε» (ένα από τα πιο τερατώδη γκούλαγκ του κομμουνιστικού καθεστώτος). Είναι μόλις 38 ετών, έχει ήδη ταλαιπωρηθεί πάρα πολύ από την «εξουσία του λαού», αλλά είναι αποφασισμένος να μην προδώσει τις ιδέες του μέχρι το τέλος. Παρακάτω είναι η ιστορία του:

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Time, Leisure, Work: De-bureaucratizing Everyday Life

By Yavor Tarinski

We have become a civilization based on work – not even

“productive work” but work as an end and meaning in itself.

~David Graeber[1]

Free time has been, for some time now, undergoing a steady reduction. With the increasing “uberisation” of economies worldwide, people find less and less time for leisure. Our jobs are steadily spilling beyond official working hours, invading – in different ways – the rest of our daily temporalities. As a result of this an increasing amount of people feels overworked and exhausted. With more segments of free time being incorporated into the capitalist economy via the mechanisms of economic growth, we not only feel increasingly tired, but our very imaginations are getting dulled by the lack of temporal space for reflection beyond the economistic perimeters of the system.

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Democracia direta e ecologica em Cornelius Castoriadis

Por Yavor Tarinski

Tradução por Guilherme Cardoso

O filósofo Cornelius Castoriadis foi frequentemente creditado por dizer que “a democracia é o regime da auto limitação”. Mas como para ele a única forma democrática verdadeira é a democracia direta, essa afirmação pode parecer um pouco estranha. A democracia direta passou a ser concebida por muitos, incluindo vários críticos, como um regime que desconecta a sociedade das leis e regulamentos, resultando em sua despolitização e degradação. Esse conceito, compreensivelmente, levantou preocupações sobre quais seriam os resultados das ações mais excessivas das massas.

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Why Citizens and not Workers

by Yavor Tarinski

When in countries that are called civilized, we see age going to the workhouse
and youth to the gallows, something must be wrong in the system of government

~ Thomas Paine [1]

For too long now many have been viewing social emancipation through an overtly economistic lens. This is evident from the persistence of some on insisting that class analysis is central to social change: exploring which economic class is most prone to revolt against its oppressors, trying to mobilise along class line, etc.

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Griechenland in Flammen

Geschrieben von Yavor Tarinski

Dies sind Bilder aus Euböa (Εύβοια), Griechenland, wo wegen der rasenden Waldbrände hunderte Häuser niedergebrannt sind und ihre Bewohner:innen – jetzt Klimaflüchtlinge – gezwungen sind, in Notunterkünfte in Sporthallen zu fliehen. Es ist nicht nur Euböa, in vielen Gegenden Griechenlands verschlingen die Flammen den fünften Tag in Folge sowohl Wälder als auch menschliche Siedlungen. Sie hinterlassen vollständig zerstörte lebensnotwendige Ökosysteme und zerstörte Grundlagen des Lebensunterhalts der Bewohner:innen.

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Grécia em Chamas: a crise climática gerada pelo capitalismo resulta em um crescente número de refugiados climáticos

Por Yavor Tarinski

Estas são as imagens de Evia, na Grécia, onde centenas de lares foram queimados por um fogo furioso. Seus habitantes, agora refugiados climáticos, foram forçados a fugir para acampamentos improvisados e estádios. E não é somente na ilha, porque muitos outros lugares da Grécia têm sido tomados pelas chamas há quinze dias, incluindo florestas e assentamentos humanos. O que fica para trás é a completa destruição de ecossistemas e formas de vida.

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Greece in Flames: Capitalist-made Climate Crisis leaves an increasing number of Climate Refugees

By Yavor Tarinski

These are the images from Euboea (Εύβοια), Greece, where due to raging wildfires hundreds of homes have been burned down and their inhabitants – now climate refugees – were forced to flee to make-shift camps on stadiums. And it is not only Euboea, as in many other places in Greece for fifth day now flames have been engulfing both forests and human settlements alike, leaving behind the complete destruction of vital ecosystems and livelihoods.

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Autonomy and Social Ecology: contrasting the visions of Cornelius Castoriadis and Murray Bookchin

In this episode of the podcast “Castoriadis and Autonomy in the 21st Century” author Yavor Tarinski joins the hosts to discuss the projects of Autonomy and Social Ecology, contrasting the visions of Cornelius Castoriadis and Murray Bookchin.